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    1. Personal Identification:
      Copy of social security card and valid driver’s license or other state issued photo identification.
    2. Certificate and Plan from Certified Credit Counselor approved by the US Trustee.
    3. Mortgage Statements:
      Please provide a copy of a recent  statement from your mortgage company(ies) if any.
    4. Bank Accounts & Brokerage Accounts:
      If you have any type of bank account, brokerage account, 401k, 403b or IRA Account, please provide copies of the most recent six (6) months statements for each account.
    5. Income Tax Returns:
      Please provide copies of the last two (2) years tax returns.
    6. Paystubs:
      Please provide copies of all of your paystubs for the last 6 months.

**Married debtor filing without his or her spouse, must provide non-filing spouse’s paystubs along with an itemization of non-filing spouse’s personal monthly expenses.

  1. Completed Monthly Expense Budget Form:
    See attached
  2. Proof of real property insurance:
    Please provide a copy of the declaration page from your homeowner’s insurance policy for all real properties owned.
  3. Proof of automobile insurance:
    Please provide a copy of the declaration page from your automobile insurance policy.
  4. Real estate tax bills:
    Please provide a copy of your most recent real estate tax bill (if unpaid).
  5. Car Payments/ Secured Loan Payments:
    Copies of recent statements.
  6. Debt collection letters from creditors and debt collectors.

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