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Estate planning and inheritance are emotional and often uncomfortable topics of conversation. That’s why, when it comes to wills, many people don’t have them. An American Financial survey found that only 50% of adults have a formal plan in place to leave money or assets to a loved one. At Waterman & Mayer, we provide quality and precise legal advice to help you address your planning head on. With our guidance through a holistic approach, we work hand-in-hand with you and your family to create, grow and preserve your wealth in the most tax-efficient manner.

Our Services Include:

Drafting of Living Wills: Legal document outlining medical and end-of-life preferences in the event that you are unable to communicate your wishes.

Creating and Managing Trusts: Fiduciary arrangement in which one party holds legal title to another’s property; similar to a will, but dictates how assets are to be transferred or used during life. For example, children may obtain certain assets proper to their parents’ death.

Powers of Attorney: Legal authorization to represent or act on another’s behalf on financial and/or medical affairs.

General Estate Management: Estate planning can be complicated. We help our clients navigate through the planning process based on ongoing discussions about preferences and life goals.

When you work with Waterman & Mayer you can expect:

  • Insight that gets to the essence of a matter, bringing clarity to complex situations;
  • Focus so estate planning issues are resolved quickly and efficiently;
  • Straight talk that navigates needless complexity with no-nonsense follow through;
  • Efficient work habits and case management.

We utilize our breadth and depth of expertise to help our clients set goals for themselves, their loved ones, and, in some cases their family business. Estate planning is virtually in everyone’s best interest and should be handled by an attorney who can tailor plans to particular needs and circumstances. Let us help get your estate in order, so, when the time comes, the transfer of wealth to your heirs and/or favorite charities is efficient, protecting your family and/or business.


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