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What is chapter 7 and how does it work?
What is a chapter 7 discharge?
What debts are not dischargeable under chapter 7?
What persons are not eligible for a chapter 7 discharge?
What persons are eligible to file under chapter 7?
What persons should not file under chapter 7?
How much is the chapter 7 filing fee and when must it be paid?
Where is a chapter 7 case filed?
May a husband and wife file jointly under chapter 7?
Under what conditions should both spouses file under chapter 7?
When should a chapter 7 case be filed?
How does the filing of a chapter 7 case affect collection and other legal proceedings that have been filed against the debtor in other courts?
May a person file under chapter 7 if his or her debts are being administered by a finan­cial counselor?
How does filing under chapter 7 affect a person’s credit rating?
Are the names of persons who file under chapter 7 published?
Are employers notified of chapter 7 cases?
Does a person lose any legal or civil rights by filing under chapter 7?
May employers or governmental agencies discriminate against persons who file under chapter 7?
Does a person lose all of his or her property by filing under chapter 7?
When must a debtor appear in court in a chapter 7 case and what happens there?
What happens after the meeting of creditors?
What is a trustee in a chapter 7 case, and what does he or she do?
What are the debtor’s responsibilities to the trustee?
What happens to the property that the debtor turns over to the trustee?
What if the debtor has no nonexempt property for the trustee to collect?
How are secured creditors dealt with in a chapter 7 case?
How are unsecured creditors dealt with in a chapter 7 case?
What secured property may a debtor retain or redeem in a chapter 7 case?
May a utility company refuse to provide service to a debtor if the company’s utility bill is discharged under chapter 7?
What should the debtor do if he or she moves before the chapter 7 case is closed?
How is a debtor notified when his or her discharge has been granted?
What if a debtor wishes to repay a dischargeable debt?
How long does a chapter 7 case last?
What should a person do if a creditor later attempts to collect a debt that was discharged under chapter 7?
How does a chapter 7 discharge affect the liability of cosigners and other parties who may be liable to a creditor on a discharged debt?
What is the role of the attorney for a consumer debtor in a chapter 7 case?
What if a debtor’s bankruptcy forms are not prepared by an attorney?

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