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Chapter 7 can eliminate debts and the worries that come with financial hardship

The two greatest benefits of a chapter 7 bankruptcy is the automatic stay protection (stopping creditor collection) and the bankruptcy discharge (elimination of debts) without any repayment.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can stop the following:

  • lawsuits
  • garnishments
  • foreclosures
  • repossessions
  • creditor harassment

Chapter 7 also can wipe away the following debts tax free

  • Credit card bills – repossessions
  • Medical bills – deficiencies on second mortgages
  • certain old tax debts

Most of our chapter 7 clients can eliminate all of their unsecured debts and keep all of their property.

Determining whether an individual qualifies for a chapter 7 should be determined by an experienced attorney.  We take the time to personally meet with our prospective clients to review their financial situation in detail, including their income and expenses, their assets and debts to determine whether chapter 7 is the best solution.  Often just learning about their options, can relieve the stress caused by financial hardship.

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