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We are dedicated to helping those who are facing financial hardships, many times due to no fault of their own.   For many bankruptcy can solve financial problems and  relieve worries.

We are committed to providing the highest quality legal services, and we offer the personal attention our clients need to make sure their case can go as smoothly as possible. You are not alone.  We will work with you to get you the best possible results.

We invite you to explore our website to see how we can help you. Feel free to call to schedule an appointment (215) 925-2110 or e-mail us at to see how we can help you.  Help is a phone call or click away.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Solutions
Eliminate Debt

“Eliminate Dept and Worries In under 5 months.”

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Options
Repayment Bankruptcy

“Cure mortgage arrears  – repay some debts over time”

Tax and Debt Resolutions
Solve Tax Problems

“Work out arrangements with the IRS and creditors”

Mortgage and Loan Assistance
Foreclosures and Loan Modification

“Defend foreclosure action and seek loan modifications”

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Patricia is patient and understanding to her clients’ needs. Due to her knowledge, I was quite surprised how successful our initial consultation was.  Our concerns and needs were met and options were available.  Through the process I observed how admired and respected Patricia is by her colleagues and court officers.
Dear Ms. Mayer,I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your guidance and assistance in getting me through the very unfamiliar and unanticipated situation of needing to declare bankruptcy. During our initial meeting, it did not take me long to realize you were capable of maximizing all of the benefits pertinent to my case.I appreciated your personable, open approach in each step of the process. This, combined with your professionalism and knowledge, instantly brought comfort into an inherently stressful and unnerving situation.As with others in my situation, the money needed for this process was a major concern to me. I found your fees to be more ...
Scott was great from the start, very knowledgeable, thorough with the bankruptcy process. I was referred to Scott by a friend that had to experience bankruptcy like myself and am grateful for her referral. I went into the process nervous and uneasy about the outcome, and it was very smooth, not stressful, and a complete success. I would recommend Scott to anyone who has to go through a personal bankruptcy!
Scott has made my journey through the bankruptcy process a breeze. From start to finish all of my questions were answered in a way that I would understand them. He also made himself available to my schedule if I needed to speak or meet with him. I am very grateful and satisfied with the outcome and I cannot thank him enough for helping me through this process. June, 2015
Scott Waterman put me at ease the moment I walked in to his office...dealing with a very difficult and emotional time. He was most knowledgeable, and informed me as to what to expect, and he was "right-on".Mr. Waterman was always accessable and answered all of my repetitive as some might have been. I wish I had seen him earlier!!
Patricia Mayer handled my Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case. She was extremely professional. Her communication was great and she was always pleasant.  Bankruptcy is not an easy thing to have to go through. What I respected and appreciated  most about her is,  never once did she make us feel ashamed about having to file Bankruptcy and she always treated us with the utmost respect.
My wife and I reached the point where we couldn't manage credit card debt that had grown to severe amounts. Although people had recommended considering bankruptcy in the past, we were hesitant because of both the stigma and worrying about all the complications and ramifications. Fortunately a colleague of mine recommended Scott. From the first meeting he made sure to put us at ease, and then guided us through the process so we understood all the decisions to be made. He advised us on things we would want to do in order to manage life after bankruptcy. Due to a change in income during the ...
Patricia Mayer was a tremendous help to me and my family. She made the process very simple and painless. I was very nervous to enter into this process for several reasons; pride, work entailed, and the affect on my life. Patricia took all of that into consideration while working with me. She knows that this is not something that anyone wants to do, but sometimes has to. She made me realize that this is a strategy, not a knock on my pride. I was able to retain personal affects and felt good about doing it. I owe Patricia an immense amount of thanks. So Trish, ...
Scott Waterman practically held my hand through my bankruptcy! It amazed me how he could take my massive pile of paperwork (bills, pay stubs, bank statements) and wave a magic wand and turn them into a complete, concise series of reports. He listened with a sympathetic ear as I explained all the twists and turns of life that brought me to that place. I'm sure he hears it every day, multiple times. But not once did I feel as if I was on a conveyor belt, or just another body in the chair. Scott went with me to court, and was very helpful in advising ...

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